Ezra-Furman-Album-CoveIf you are looking for that upbeat running song, relaxing melody, Billy Idol-esque foot-tapper or moody alternative jam to belt out in the car – Big Fugitive Life has it all.

Ezra Furman takes you through a monumental journey worthy of a full-length album and remarkably fits it into this six-track EP. Through the bewitching and spirited Teddy I’m Ready, earthy folk charm of Penetrate and the heartwrenching and sorrowful The Refugee – they all tell their own individual tale, not one being the same as the one before. After listening to Big Fugitive Life one thing is for sure: Furman is a master of provoking a vast range of emotions through his music, and his next adventure is highly anticipated.

Big Fujitive Life available August 19 via Bella Union