Now available on double vinyl and CD with extra tracks, demos, live versions and remixes, this impressive 1985 debut – before Mike Patton took over vocal duties from soon-to-depart Chuck Mosley – hit a midpoint between US punk, funk metal and indie rock.

Faith-No-More-CoverWith a dollop of cynical humour (the title track alluding to consciousness-raising and ever-so caring rock stars with “it’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it”) and punchdown beats, it sometimes sounded closer to the Beastie Boys’ take on rap than metal. Even today it remains an outsider album, a kind of mutant take on hard rock. which flirts with experimentation and dance (Arabian Disco). Fans who only know their more recent catalogue might be in for a surprise. It’s very old now but still contains the shock of the new.

We Care a Lot: Deluxe Edition available August 19 via Koolarrow Records/PIAS

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