What do you do when people all over the world tell you enthralling stories while on tour? You secretly record them and write songs about them, of course!  

Glass-Animals-Album-CoverThe Oxford boys of alternative band Glass Animals are back to solidify their mark on the music world. Still encapsulating the ‘cruising down Sunset Strip on a sunny L.A. day’ vibe from debut album Zaba, How To Be A Human Being shows off their ability to craft compelling stories; Life Itself kicks off the album with the cliché windchimes, indicating the beginning of a dream-like tale.

How To Be A Human Being delves into and examines some odd characters, each song giving life to people we can only wish we had met ourselves. The stand-out is found in the slightly sadistic Mama’s Gun, where the disjointed melody matches the craziness of the human species.

It is immensely good fun to immerse yourself into these portraits and try match the tracks to the colourful characters gracing the album cover. Does the pleasantly eerie Poplar St investigate the journey of the unusual middle-age man in patterned underwear? Are the yearning verses of Pork Soda about the young woman who has possibly hit an early mid-life crisis after eloping with a paramour? Who knows! Put down the Where’s Wally? book – we have a new game to play.

How To Be a Human Being available August 26 via Wolf Tone/Caroline


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