Hazel EnglishInstantly likeable Australian ex-pat Hazel English’s Just Give In/Never Going Home is the rose-tinted, sun-kissed, bittersweet, indie-pop album you’ve been waiting for.

Now residing in San Francisco, Sydney-born English has added six new tracks to her her 2016 EP, and the new material slots in perfectly. While NGH told tales of trepidation in her new surroundings and the weariness of chasing a dream, Just Give In is English coming into her own, realising those dreams as a reality. There are highlights aplenty (Birthday’s shimmering power pop, Fix’s jangling chords and dreamscape vocals), but That Thing is an obvious stamp of intention, with a deeper bassline, glittering synths and increased confidence.

Just Give In/Never Going Home is out now via Inertia.

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