I’m chucking a sickie, grabbing my surfboard and heading to the coast. You can’t stop me. Hockey Dad made me do it.

Hockey-Dad-CoverFuzz-lords Billy Fleming and Zac Stephenson broke into our earholes in 2014 with their debut EP Dreamin’, and have been gallivanting around the world ever since. Somewhere in between relentless touring and surfing all weekend they managed to record Boronia; 11 tracks of effortlessly catchy garage-surf-punk-fuzz.

There’s something about Boronia that just makes you smile – you won’t be able to help yourself. Maybe it’s knowing that these two guys have been best mates since they were in nappies, doing what they love. Maybe it’s the cheeky rebelliousness in Jump The Gun or the infectious tunes Raygun and So Close. Maybe it is knowing that this huge sound is made by only two people. But it is probably a little of all of those things.

Boronia available August 12 via Inertia

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