Jim Lawrie Slacker of the YearThe War On Drugs’ universally celebrated Lost In The Dream has defined this decade of grandiose country-rock such that any record in the same vein seems doomed to comparison.

But it’s a rich vein to mine, and Jim Lawrie, who’s been writing intense-yet-intimate rock songs for about 10 years, shows just how deep it runs on Slacker Of The Year. Lawrie tunes his misery to chugging muted chords, evoking the physical heaviness of trying to move during some particular pain. The sumptuous melodies that gave his blues a soaring lightness on previous record Eons are anchored here by an omnipresent gloom. Slacker Of The Year is gut-wrenching. No comparisons necessary.

Slacker Of The Year is out June 9 via Barely Dressed/Remote Control.

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