Julia Holter In The Same RoomJulia Holter is a skilled sculptor of songs and scripter of stories. Combining classical, jazz, and experimental modes, her records offer originality that is rare.

Loud City Song from 2013 for instance was a mesmerising, grand, orchestrated pop narrative inspired by the 1944 novella Gigi, while Have You In My Wilderness of 2015 was described by Julia as a collection of separate narratives, bound by themes of love, trust and balance. Needless to say Holter’s songs are dense with ideas that reward close attention and reveal themselves over time. In The Same Room is a live album that illustrates clearly just how dynamic and inventive they are. Recorded over two days in London, the LP captures new arrangements of previously released tracks. In their sometimes subtle, and occasionally vastly modified states, there are many more secrets to be discovered.

In The Same Room is out now via Domino.

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