Kingswood After Hours Close To DawnSome say if you aim for the sun you might just end up among the stars. If that’s the case, Melbourne rockers Kingswood are space bound.

After Hours, Close To Dawn challenges your perception of this group. “Wait, I thought they were a killer Aussie pub band?” I hear you asking yourself. Sure, that is where the three-piece laid a solid platform, but they’re far too ambitious to stay there. Right from the very first gasp of frontman Fergus Linacre on opener Looking For Love, this is a different Kingswood – there’s more soul, more ‘true feeling’ if you will. The trio have challenged themselves to greater heights than ever; for Alabama White, Linacre lay on his back in a sleeping bag with cinder blocks on his chest, to create the emotion in the vocals. That level of commitment is a sign of a band completely comfortable with their direction.

Like Your Mother and Creepin provide heavier moments, while Big City and Atmosphere are pleasant, unexpected surprises. Belle is a Beatles throwback – imagine a ’60s girl in a drop top convertible driving down the Great Ocean Road and you’re almost there. If you’re looking for a difficult second album, you’re in the wrong place. If you’re looking for Microscopic Wars 2, you won’t find it. If you’re looking for the most complete work of 2017 to date: welcome.

After Hours, Close To Dawn is out now via Dew Process.