Realistically, London Grammar’s Hannah Reid could be singing utter nonsense and she’d still emit a serenity on par with that of a northern Queensland rainforest waterfall.

Thankfully, the English trio’s second record Truth Is A Beautiful Thing is packed with message and meaning; it’s a more personal, reflective album than 2013’s It Can Wait, featuring the group’s trademark sumptuous, enveloping sound, and fronted by lead vocalist Reid’s beautifully ambient voice. You’ll cruise through the record’s 11 tracks, with New Year’s belter Rooting For You only a taste of the goodies in store. Keep an eye out for the poppy production on Big Picture, and beware the hook on Wild Eyed – it’s one of the most intoxicating you’ll hear all year.

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Truth Is A Beautiful Thing is out June 9 via Dew Process.

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