metallica-packshotSince hitting pay dirt in 1991 with Metallica (AKA ‘The Black Album’), the band that so many championed between 1983 and 1988 have been on a slow, trying decline.

Now after an eight-year wait, Metallica present us with the 2-CD set, Hardwired…To Self-Destruct. The initial singles, Hardwired, Moth Into Fire and Atlas, Arise! were surprisingly solid and despite a dip here and there, this album maintains a consistency not heard in decades. It appears as if Metallica had something to prove this time around – not just to their fanbase and peers, but to themselves and the legacy that the albums Kill ‘Em All, Ride The Lightning, Master Of Puppets and …And Justice For All created.

Monoliths such as Metallica may never push the envelope as they once did, but if Hardwired…To Self-Destruct is any indication of the fire that has been re-lit in their collective bellies, then I hope it burns for a while longer. A 3-CD deluxe edition is also available, with three bonus cover versions, the 2016 version of Lords Of Summer, a nine-song live set recorded at Rasputin Music and a live version of Hardwired.

Hardwired… To Self-Destruct is out now via Universal

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