Pond The WeatherThe Weather marks a significant shift in Pond’s sound, utilising more synths more subtly than ever before.

30000 Megatons opens the album with a mysterious synth, building slowly to create a wall of sound. We hear the first guitar three minutes in, suggesting that the band are leaning away from their psychedelic roots. Paint Me Silver is a glorious pop romp which is followed by Colder Than Ice which has one of the band’s three songwriters Jay Watson singing alongside a smooth saxophone. Edge of the World Pt. 1 pairs visceral lyrics with a sharp synth, and transforms mid-way to become an entirely new song. Zen Automation starts off serenely, but as it unfolds Nicholas Allbrook’s anger emerges, along with the intensity that underlies the album. There’s a lot to be said for a band that manage to sound different with every release, but this is something that Pond seem to do effortlessly.

The Weather is out now on vinyl and CD via EMI.

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