Screamfeeder Pop GuiltThe ’90s were a brilliant time for Brisbane music, with Powderfinger, Regurgitator, Custard and Screamfeeder all in play.

“I’ve gone away for a long, long time,” Kellie Lloyd sings on Screamfeeder’s first album in 14 years, which comes 25 years after their debut. “I might have some regrets,” Tim Steward adds, “but I don’t let ’em kill me.” These songs sound like sonic souvenirs from the ’90s, conjuring flashbacks to that era of triple j. But while the record is gloriously retro, it also manages to sound fresh and vital, with undeniable energy and depth. Pop guilt? Nothing to feel guilty about here. This is an album filled with diverse delights.

Pop Guilt is out now via FOUR|FOUR/ABC/Universal.

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