review Sleaford Mods English TapasAlthough they’ve now got a new label – indie pioneer Rough Trade – and a growing international reputation, it’s pretty much business as usual for the splenetic Britsh duo on English Tapas, their ninth studio album.

True, Jason Williamson adopts a suitably Lydon-esque sneer on some tracks and Andrew Fearn experiments with some dub-ish ambience, but otherwise English Tapas is another splendidly vitriolic blend of lean, brutish beats, and venomous rants; if you have yet to discover the joys of Sleaford Mods, imagine The Fall fronted by John Cooper Clarke and you will get an idea of where they are coming from.

Whether slagging off old punks (Just Like We Do), musing grumpily about getting “spannered” at home (Drayton Manored) or bemoaning the deteriorating state of his country (B.H.S., Carlton Touts), Williamson’s stream-of-consciousness diatribes once again lay bare the despair and drudgery of austerity in Britain. English Tapas shows that success has dulled neither their anger nor their biting wit, and with Brexit in full swing and Donald Trump in the White House, the Sleaford Mods seem unlikely to lose their edge anytime soon.

English Tapas is out now via Rough Trade/Remote Control