Something new from an old friend you’ve never met before.

The-Brave-CoverI googled Epoch, I’ll admit it (and save you the time of doing it yourself). It means a defining moment in a person’s life or a significant mark in history. Fitting, right? Brisbane hardcore cats The Brave hope to achieve exactly that with their debut album.

Lead single Searchlights epitomises the credo of the band, which is to provoke thought through strong sound. The track builds through its brooding vocal and thick, distorted guitar riffs until it reaches a brutal climax. Dreamless – featuring Marcus Bridge – is a perfect mix of catchy riffs and pitiless breakdowns; Nathan Toussaint hurls himself through the song’s vocals before the Northlane frontman takes it to another emotional level. 1945 is more subdued affair, and although we came for the breakdowns, this track shines through as a real highlight. Undone takes a complete 180-degree turn from the aforementioned 1945; a heaving, brutal track. Chaotic but controlled, Bret Thomson’s pounding drums and Kurt Thomson’s chunky riff carnage create yet another highlight.

With Epoch, The Brave aren’t going to redefine their genre – they don’t need to – but they will stand at the summit of it, with the strongest hardcore debut in a long time.  A resonating display of power and passion.

Epoch available August 5 via UNFD

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