Thrupence Ideas Of AestheticsIdeas Of Aesthetics is the sweeping soundtrack to my favourite movie that doesn’t yet exist.

These nine tracks travel an eclectic rollercoaster of emotions, all created by Melbourne musician/creative director/man of many talents Thrupence – AKA Jack Vanzet. The opening trio of tracks proceeds like a mini-movie score: Forest On The Sun is brimming with optimism, Rinse Repeat is an indulgent climax and Honesty is the sobering come down. There is a beautiful balance in the record’s two collaborations: Vanzet’s brother Edward provides the lingering vocals to Conversations, a track entwined with heavy themes of depression and psychosis and bathed in intricate, ominous tones, while Atmos takes a sharp turn and emerges as the most upbeat track on the album; it features Future Classic label mate Wafia and a beat that feverishly bounces in and out of your soul, providing a fresh voice to Thrupence’s hypnotic sounds.

Ideas of Aesthetics is out April 21 on vinyl via Future Classic.

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