Tigers Jaw spinWith their hearts on their sleeves, Tigers Jaw deliver an album equal parts upbeat melodic power-pop and sullen emo revivalism.

Spin is their fifth album, and like the records which precede it, it takes two paths – each led by one of the band’s vocalists, Ben Walsh and Brianna Collins. While both move through a mixture of lo-fi indie and zealous shoegaze, Walsh’s leads are succinct, moody and heart-achingly precise (Follows and Guardian) while Collins’ resonate with more optimism and heart (June and Same Stone). This is the group’s major label debut (Will Yip’s Atlantic offshoot Black Cement), and they’re punching way above their weight class; all 12 tracks are meticulously engineered, while lyrically, Spin touches on anxiety, heartbreak and weakness, expressing these vulnerabilities without coming off self-indulgently.

Spin is out now via Warner.

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