Inside Your Sun is a love letter to sweet Hacienda, that fantasy land where the pills are pure, the cops never come, and people like Shaun Ryder are allowed to exist in public. 

Venus-II-CoverEagle & the Worm’s Jarrad Brown and Canyons’ Ryan Grieve have bonded over their timewarped obsession and synthesized this perfect clone of ‘baggy’, that awfully-titled genre of ’80s British dance rock, which means you get all the rhythm of acid house alongside bombastic psych rock buildups. Venus II are prone to their predecessors’ faults as much as their successes: the slower ballads – mercifully few – come off as gratuitous and self-indulgent stabs at seriousness, but the hard-hitters – most of the rest of the album – are unparalleled fun.

Inside Your Sun available August 19th via Warner

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