Wavves You're WelcomeWavves’ Nathan Williams, once the archetype of Millennial brat rock, is alleged to have grown up in recent years.

Having gone through the major label ringer and come out with his own label intact, one thing that never changed was Williams’ ability to write razorsharp hooks with hypnotic ease. And while You’re Welcome has no shortage of no-bullsh-t fuzz-pop (Million Enemies, No Shade, the title track), not everything’s as gloomy as it once was: Animal, Stupid In Love and Under are all different takes on a love song, and even on penultimate track Dreams Of Grandeur when Williams sings “Paradise is lost,” he follows with “Now I just pray to live long.” No longer the No Hope Kid, Williams is trying to make something that might last.

You’re Welcome is out May 19 via Inertia.

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