Album cover artwork for Rolling Blackouts C. F. with yellow vinyl record popping outGreat bands seem to be a dying breed. So props to Melbourne’s Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever who appear to be a gang – a bunch of mates taking on the world.

Pearl Like You, a dreamy one-minute soundscape, opens the door to their third album, which sounds like they have ransacked your ’80s and ’90s record collection, grabbed the coolest indie rock sounds and then created something new and exciting. As they sing in The Way It Shatters: “The way is going backwards to get to the start.”

The aptly titled Dive Deep is the centrepiece of the record. With a hypnotic guitar line, ominous bass and an unfolding storyline, it captures the band in full flight. It sounds instantly familiar, but like all of RBCF’s best work, it takes you someplace else. Through endless rooms they walk.

Endless Rooms by Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever is out June 3, including on Opaque Yellow Loser Edition vinyl (pictured above) via Ivy League.

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