Rolling Blackouts Hope DownsWhen looking at vanguard Australian indie bands that are inevitably exported out to the wider world, Melbourne five-piece Rolling Blackout C.F. are nestled in their own little lane.

Their sophisticated, shimmering, guitar-driven melodies leave you wondering what Vampire Weekend would have sounded like if they spent their weekends throwing down beers in a backyard somewhere off Sydney Road. Beneath the upbeat overtones, Hope Downs features a bleaker undertone. Though, thanks to the group’s trio of songwriters/vocalists, there are no skewed perspectives of the modern Australia they observe. In fact, it’s mostly the opposite: contradiction is found in their duality without falling into an open-cut mine of cynicism. Talking Straight’s opening lyric evokes the same nostalgia as the jangling chords that underpin the album: “All day, listened out for Jenny’s old Coupé/ Midnight blue, it’s faded, but she’s always been true.”

Hope Downs is out June 15 via Ivy League.

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