ALbum cover artwork for Sam Fender with clear vinyl record popping outSam Fender makes music to speed down highways to, and it’s impossible to deny your shoulders the shimmy they’re dying to follow the music with.

A talented lyricist who leans into honesty and intimacy rather than shying away, Fender’s distinctive voice rolls staccato over tales of political malaise, self-reflective heartbreak and a desire to understand his own youth.

If Hypersonic Missiles was an unexpected explosion of a debut, Seventeen Going Under is the wave of aftershocks – certainly more anticipated, but no less powerful. A rumination on what it means to be in your late-20s in the modern age, a fear of what is to come, and a mourning for what has been lost in the chaos.

Seventeen Going Under by Sam Fender is out October 8 via Dew Process.

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