Album cover artwork for Sam Teskey with black vinyl record popping outSam Teskey’s debut solo album shimmers with canny spontaneity, coiling round your inner ears like the sun creeping up one of the gum-laden hills that surround Teskey’s Warrandyte home studio (where the LP was recorded).

Primarily livetracked, on Cycles Teskey draws incredible textures out of his Neil Young-esque guitars, while the organ is unlike anything we’ve heard before: its sound shifts and glints with extreme, sensitive beauty, like rain droplets in a warm wind.

If that’s too many hokey bucolic similes for you, consider this: The birds that cry in the background of Til The River were not spliced into the track, but actually flew overhead at that precise moment in the song, while Teskey was recording a take outside.

Needless to say, amongst sauntering jams and spectral details, this album’s connection to nature comes from all manner of angles and we cannot wait to hear it on vinyl, i.e. without the artificial gaps that denote a track has finished and the next has begun. The realities of commercial formatting might dictate that these gorgeous songs be labelled and separated, but they’ll shine brightest when they’re allowed to flow in unbroken, liquid form.

Cycles by Sam Teskey is out October 10 via Ivy League Records.

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