(Sandy) Alex G House of Sugar album coverThe new album from (Sandy) Alex G is as densely knitted as the wood through which Hansel and Gretel hiked to find the sparkling house of sugar, but it’s also as detailed as the tiny veins in each leaf of that thicket.

There’s less of the Elliot Smith-style acoustic guitars and more beautifully dislocated textures as G’s deft hand weaves melodies and repeated vocal themes; these elements are Very Hungry Caterpillars munching through and around his layered foliage (see lead single Gretel).

When we get to the cannibal witch at the centre of the album (Sugar), she’s of Bowser proportions with a voice like a tumour grated through bass synth, with flickering strings illuminating her barnacled face. Project 2 is electronic angels descending – occasionally obscured by cloud matter and a little bit unsure of their wings in the cross-drafts – to deliver their message.

Affecting and bold, House of Sugar is another deeply shimmering achievement from the Philadelphian musician.

House of Sugar by (Sandy) Alex G is out September 13 via Domino.

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