Alex G RocketThe visceral offspring of Elliott Smith, Ariel Pink and Car Seat Headrest’s Will Toledo, (Sandy) Alex G, has returned with an album even more diabolically alluring than his last (2015’s Beach Music).

Alex G has undergone a slight moniker amendment to include the parenthesed prefix ‘Sandy’, and with it has come some monster ideas on new album Rocket: violins saw, synths thump like a beast at the door, and guitar details peer up through the chaos. The plonking piano in Horse sounds like a truck dumping a mass of lollipops onto your head, and there’s a giant python of synth bass curling around Brick, during which Alex repeatedly shouts “I know that you’re lying.” But the sun comes out, and when it does its warmth is amazing. This is a fascinating effort from the fearless Philadelphian artist.

Rocket is out May 19 on limited edition red vinyl, regular vinyl and CD via Domino.

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