Shana Cleveland NOTWMA solar eclipse is rare but you should never look at it directly – there’s danger gazing back. Instead, use a simple DIY projector. Make a pinhole in a sheet of paper or cardboard, hold it up with the sun behind you, and allow the heavenly dance to unfold in shadowy relief on the ground or other surface.

This is what Shana Cleveland was doing back in 2017, taking a break from recording songs that would appear on her new solo album. Returning to the studio, Shana remembers “dozens of tiny crescent suns, refracted from a mirrored disco ball that [engineer Johnny Goss] had hanging in a window.” Listening now you can hear the whole kaleidoscopic scene.

Night of the Worm Moon reflects Shana’s fascination with both the sundrenched cityscapes of her adopted home in Los Angeles and the vast expanse of space above. These songs radiate the spirit of astral jazz, and glow with the psychedelic rays of Laurel Canyon’s cosmic folk.

Night of the Worm Moon is out April 5 via Hardly Art.

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