Album cover artwork for Shane Nicholson with black vinyl record popping outShane Nicholson knows the music world has changed and finding an audience is not easy. “The kids don’t hear your voice,” he notes in This Is War, “’cause they don’t own a radio.”

But this record is definitely worth seeking out. More than two decades after his first release, Nicholson is doing his finest work. Living In Colour is both a celebration of music – check out Harvest On Vinyl – and a lament for a world gone crazy. No prizes for guessing who this line is about: “You’re still smilin’ like the cat that got the cream, as the house burns down.” Yep, Nicholson is an artist who worries about the state of the nation. “I wish I was a simple man,” he admits. “If I was a simple man, I’d sleep easy every night.” But long may he rest uneasy. The world needs more songwriters like him.

Living In Colour by Shane Nicholson is out August 20 via Lost Highway/Universal.

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