Shannon Lay August album coverAugust arrives in August. It’s a seasonal synchronicity, but there’s a deeper connection: it’s also the month in 2017 when folk artist Shannon Lay quit her job to commit to music making full time.

August then is a record of liberty and reflection – a document of being free to observe the world and express those scenes through song. The tracks evoke undiscovered private pressings of the ’60 and ’70s, infused with guitar melodies, subtle drones, deft drums and Shannon Lay’s meditative lyrics.

The slow-build ascent of Death Up Close introduces a theme central to the record. “With that song, I wanted to recognize that everyone else is going through something and reflect on that,” Lay explains. “Don’t be so close-minded to think you’re the only one who’s got issues – in fact, find comfort in the thought that everyone is on their own journey.” It’s a comfort, and a gift that Lay provides throughout this timeless record.

August by Shannon Lay is out August 23 via Sub Pop.

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