album cover artwork with hot pink vinyl record popping out“Even if we die young, they will remember us … we had a damn good run,” George Sheppard declares on his family band’s third album.

And there’s no doubt their anthemic pop will find a happy home on classic hits radio. Not that the Brisbane band is calling it quits. This is their most ambitious work yet.

Two months out from launch, they had already released 12 – yes, 12 – singles from the record. This is a concept album of sorts, looking at love through a kaleidoscope, where things can change in the blink of an eye, from longing to bliss, acceptance to denial. Yes, Sheppard are not reinventing any wheels thematically or sonically, but there’s no denying they work damn hard at their craft, creating exultant pop.

Kaleidoscope Eyes by Sheppard is out now via MGM.
Read our track-by-track of the album, written by Sheppard.

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