Simian Mobile Disco MurmurationsA defining act of the fluorescent-v-necks-and-tiny jackets age, who could’ve predicted Simian Mobile Disco would come this far?

Since 2014’s Whorl, SMD have reined in the jagged dancefloor riot of those earlier tracks in favour of more pensive, early-hours house, leaning into some of the less EDM-obvious influences like prog and krautrock. In this case, that slyness particularly favours the voices of East London’s Deep Throat Choir, heard all throughout Murmurations. Curling and unfurling around the wordless vocals, Murmurations gives nothing away at once, carefully placing its cards over six-, seven-, eight-minute tracks. It’s a natural continuation for the band, and more than that, invigorating.

Murmurations is out May 11 via PIAS.

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