Sleaford Mods All That Glue album coverA 22-track collection of fan favourites, B-sides and unreleased gems spanning across seven years of in-yo’-face Sleaford Mods output, All That Glue brings anyone who was tardy to this Nottingham punk duo’s party up to speed.

Gutter poet Jason Williamson spits vitriol that‘s never devoid of humour (Fat Tax: “The Fresh Prince of Bell-End” – genius!) over Andrew Fearn‘s intricate, idiosyncratic, robotic beats.

Scratch’n’sniff-style, the cover art – which features an illustration of a urinal with butted-out ciggies in trough, reminiscent of Dada artist Duchamp’s sculpture Fountain – could borrow its aroma from album track Tied Up In Nottz‘s lyrics: “The smell of piss is so strong it smells like decent bacon.”

If you put Alexei Sayle in a blender with early Sigue Sigue Sputnik beats, Sleaford Mods would spew out. And we‘re 100% here for it.

All That Glue by Sleaford Mods is out Friday May 15 via Rough Trade/Remote Control.

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