St Leonards Slowly SlowlyMelbourne band Slowly Slowly are making gold on their sophomore effort, St. Leonards.

Opener Dinosaurs builds slowly through frontman Ben Stewart’s salient wordplay, and transitions straight into the triumphant hook of Extinction; the two tracks are interwoven into a five-minute epic, and certainly need to be listened to together to be fully appreciated – you wouldn’t have a scone with only jam or only cream, would you? Exactly. The Melbourne four-piece go on to show careful restraint: the drum and bass lines are anchors, which ground the strained riffs and set the score for the dynamic lyrics and metaphors which Stewart litters throughout, while its brooding undertones tell their own ominous narrative.

There are massive, swirling, emo throwbacks (Smile Lines), raw and relatable acoustic belters (The Butchers Window), slow-burning lighter-wavers (St. Leonards) and triumphant, fist-pumping sing-a-longs (Sorry). This is the kind of album that teenagers of years past dreamt of making, while they lay around their emo poster-adorned room and played The Devil And God Raging Inside Me louder than their parents approved of.

St. Leonards is out May 11 via UNFD.

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