Slum Sociable Album CoverMiller Upchurch and Edward Quinn know when to keep it simple and when to flick it out with a bit of filigree soul, and wow, do they know their grooves.

Slum Sociable is about expert use of keys and wubbing electronics, and the thick ‘n’ crispy goodness of breakbeat drums mixed super close to your ears. There’s a D.D Dumbo dexterity to the electric guitar on Hand It Over, with licks that refuse to slur; plinking marimba and a deep synth bass on the tonic give Treated Like The Weather the colour of Sir Was or Sinkane, and Upchurch’s vocals – which don’t have some mad technical brilliance, but utilise mega addictive melodies – evoke ‘90s Aussies like, in their more contemplative moments, Custard and Machine Gun Fellatio.

Slum Sociable is out November 24 via Liberation.

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