Son Little New MagicThere’s always something old about magic – ancient rites, vintage curses, decrepit beauty and what have you. That’s the Americana acoustic guitar, jazz double bass, hand-slapped drums and analogue breakbeat accents to Aaron Livingston’s (Son Little) sound.

What makes his magic new is eclectic and carefully assembled details which are given space to breathe: hooting whistles layered just so, strange organ and synth voices, quivering electronic garnishes that ripple through the air like a sigh.

Acoustic percussion is tucked between the layers of these unusual arrangements (unusual even in the small things, like Livingston taking the lowest part in a harmony while his back-up singers ring high), and despite the r’n’b sensibilities, you feel like Screamin’ Jay Hawkins is crouching just behind the wall. Listen to this on headphones so you can hear every little drop going into the potion cauldron.

New Magic is out September 15 via ANTI-.

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