Twentytwo-In-BlueSince the release of their debut album, Brooklyn trio Sunflower Bean have experienced enough world events to put their 22 years of life (each) into perspective.

Opening track of second album Twentytwo In BlueBurn It, is a rollicking call to arms; it’s followed by I Was A Fool, a breezy duet between Julia Cumming (bass and lead vocals) and Nick Kivlen (lead guitar, vocals) that dissects self-deprecation. Cumming takes the reins on the fiercely political Crisis Helm, while Puppet Strings delivers high-energy guitars and catchy lyrics. The band pare things back on the contemplative Only A Moment and Any Way You Like, demonstrating a side they haven’t shown before. Despite their young age, Sunflower Bean possess remarkable maturity which will no doubt speak volumes to their listenership.

Twentytwo In Blue is out now via Mom + Pop/Liberator.

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