Expanded album cover art image of vinyl recordIt’s an extraordinary story. Tash Sultana went from busking in Melbourne to charting all around the world. And it took a toll. “They only give a sh-t when you make it big,” Sultana notes in Greed, “and that ain’t good for my mental health.”

Sultana realises it’s “the simple things” that matter and you have to keep your feet on the ground – terra firma. “Where you goin’ so fast?” Sultana asks in Pretty Lady. “Try to make a moment last.”

Sultana opens up to collaboration on this second album, writing three songs with Dann Hume and Matt Corby, while Willow Tree features Jerome Farah, and Dream My Life Away features Josh Cashman. The result is quite a trip – a cruisy, cosmic collection.

Terra Firma by Tash Sultana is out now via Lonely Lands/Sony.
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