Tex Don CharlieA pattern seems to be emerging here.

Tex Perkins, Don Walker and Charlie Owen released their first album together, Sad But True, in 1993. The follow-up, All Is Forgiven, arrived in 2005, and now comes their third offering, so it looks like we’re getting an album every 12 years. “I’ve never been a company man,” Walker declares at the start of the record. Indeed, he’s always been a beautiful contrarian. This collaboration is also a great outfit for Perkins, who’s like the Jack Thompson or Russell Crowe of the rock world, possessing a voice with perfect pitch and resonance. It’s a storyteller’s voice, and these are gripping stories. It’s not a cheery record, even if the closing cut is a slice of Aussie gospel called How Good Is Life.

The men in these songs are not necessarily bad, but they’re not entirely good, either. A Man In Conflict With Nature tells the tale of a guy who gets lucky at the greyhounds, but then finds himself with no money for a taxi home after squandering his winnings on “three hookers and some sushi.”
You Don’t Know Lonely is compelling from go to whoa – or woe, you could say. Can’t wait for the fourth album, in 2029.

You Don’t Know Lonely is out now via EMI.

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