Album cover artwork for Tex Perkins with black vinyl record popping outTex Perkins possesses a relentless rock ’n’ roll spirit – wild, unpredictable and free. Few music careers have been as diverse. And now he has yet another new band, a collaboration with Melbourne’s Matt Walker.

“I don’t know where this restlessness is taking me,” Perkins admits in My Philosophy, one of the many standout tracks on the self-titled debut for Tex Perkins & The Fat Rubber Band.

The band name suggests something flippant and throwaway, but this record is a keeper: a sturdy, swampy treat that showcases some superb songwriting. Check out the epic beauty of For A Love Long Gone, which is both heartbreaking and haunting, with an unforgettable guitar solo.

One of the themes of the record is trouble. “Trouble always come to me, trouble always goes,” Perkins notes in Danger Has Been Kind. Later, he declares: “Goodbye trouble, because you ain’t no friend of mine.” But there’s also a strange sense of contentment at the heart of the album. Perkins appears to be a rarity in the music world – the rock star happy with his lot in life. “I probably have some deep regrets,” he confides, “but none really come to mind. I just play whatever hand I’m dealt.” Long may he be a free spirit. The album starts: “You don’t know where you’re goin’ …” Just strap yourself in and enjoy the ride.

The self-titled new album from Tex Perkins & the Fat Rubber Band is out Nov 5 via Source Music.

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