Deluxe vinyl album artwork with four LPs popping outThe Avalanches’ debut was the first great album of the new millennium.

The ultimate mix tape, a sonic adventure, a thrilling concoction of dance, electronic and hip hop grooves, with reputedly the most samples ever cleared for one album. It was so damn great, it took The Avalanches 16 years to follow it.

Now, as it turns 21, the album still sounds way ahead of its time. And the band’s gift is a quadruple vinyl 20th anniversary edition featuring the original 18-song collection plus 15 bonus tracks, including nine previously unreleased remixes. Two decades on, Since I Left You still delivers something new with each listen. It remains the soundtrack to the coolest party you’re ever going to have.

Since I Left You (20th Anniversary Edition) by The Avalanches is out June 6 via EMI/Universal.

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