Each of STACK‘s esteemed music writers reveals their top albums of the year just gone, including Aldous Harding, RVG, LCD Soundsystem, Gang of Youths, and more.


lorde melodramaLorde, Melodrama
“Her almost spoken-word approach to production gives her a sound many marvel at, and she’s right back in with the heavy hitters here… None of this 11-track foray wastes a moment.” Read the full review.

Bliss n Eso, Off the Grid

Macklemore, Gemini



RVG A Quality Of MercyRVG, A Quality of Mercy

Jen Cloher, Jen Cloher
“On her self-titled fourth album, she’s more candid than ever as she reveals her journey towards personal discovery in the wake of some major life experiences… At its core, this album is a fierce battle cry from one of the most important voices in Australian music.” Read the full review, and our interview with Jen.

Cable Ties, Cable Ties



Ariel Pink Dedicated To Bobby JamesonAriel Pink, Dedicated To Bobby Jameson
“The near-myth of a popstar and savant songwriter who rejects the mainstream for the radical underground is the kind of thing Pink’s music, with its photonegative skew on six decades of pop, implies. Dedicated To Bobby Jameson reiterates just what the mainstream is missing… [and] sits comfortably next to his previous three records as intricate modern classics.” Read the full review.

LCD Soundsystem, American Dream

Cable Ties, Cable Ties



david gilmourDavid Gilmour, Live At Pompeii
“This stunning 2CD/ DVD release documents David Gilmour’s 2016 concert at the Pompeii Amphitheatre, the first public performance at the venue since AD 79 when the gladiators headlined, and forty years after Pink Floyd performed a concert documentary there for no audience beyond the film crew.” Read the full review.

Little Hurricane, Same Sun, Same Moon

Mavis Staples, If All I Was Was Black



I Love You Like A BrotherAlex Lahey, I Love You Like A Brother
“These are punk-tinged pop songs, sharp and sassy, with ripper rhyming couplets (“Who knew this turnaround would be so quick?” she spits in Awkward Exchange, “but I figured it out, you’re just a bit of a d-ck”). It’s not easy being young and restless when you have as many hang-ups as hook-ups, but Lahey has delivered a mighty debut. An album for our times.” Read the full review, and our interview with Alex.

Helen Shanahan, Every Little Sting

Charles Jenkins & the Zhivagos, The Last Polaroid



Gang Of Youths' second album Go Farther In Lightness gave vocalist David Le'aupepe a chance to express some of his ideas around The New Sincerity and how its maxims affect life beyond literature. He spoke to Zoë Radas at Sony Music HQ.Gang Of Youths, Go Farther In Lightness
“Each song builds expertly, and tempos sway like tides… Le’aupepe’s emotional vocal is each track’s initial attraction, but what really shines is the intricate instrumental detail… Closer Say Yes To Life is the triumphant answer to lead single What Can I Do If The Fire Goes Out?, radiating bright-eyed optimism, humanism, and oozing life.” Read the full review, and our interview with Dave.

Tired Lion, Dumb Days

Loyle Carner, Yesterday’s Gone



Sir Was Digging A Tunnelsir Was, Digging A Tunnel
“[Joel] Wästberg’s fascination with the world extends past his eclectic musical interests and into every crevice of artistry… [Revoke is] a stunning track with a fluttering shuffle beat, stomp-climbing staccato piano way down in the bass register, and Wästberg’s voice somehow going from pleading to resigned to resolved with almost no discernable change of tone.” Read the full interview with Joel.

RVG, A Quality Of Mercy

Pond, The Weather



Iced Earth IncorruptibleIced Earth, Incorruptible
“Vocalist Stu Block delivers another outstanding performance, one that I believe surpasses former lead vocalist Matt Barlow’s – a fan favourite. Much has been said of who will lead the genre when Iron Maiden, Judas Priest et al, retire. With bands such as Iced Earth releasing albums as strong as Incorruptible, heavy metal is in safe hands.” Read the full review.

The Doomsday Kingdom, The Doomsday Kingdom

Paradise Lost, Medusa



Margo Price All American MadeMargo Price, All American Made
“Margo Price carries the torch for the new generation of real deal women country singers. Like the greats – Dolly Parton, Tammy Wynette and Loretta Lynn – she writes it and sings it like it is.” Read the full review.

David Rawlings, Poor David’s Almanack

The Ahern Brothers, The Ahern Brothers



Aldous Harding PartyAldous Harding, Party
“It’s a rare artistic achievement to evoke these heightened feelings, and capture with poetry and precision something of our interior lives. But Aldous makes it appear effortless with her fingerpicked guitar melodies, slow deliberate piano chords, commanding, uniquely-phrased vocals, strings, and subtle saxophone interludes.” Read the full review.

Midnight Sister, Saturn Over Sunset