The Ocean Party Nothing GrowsCreativity is a communal activity. Together The Ocean Party have spent the better part of a decade touring, writing, recording and sharing their collective craft: timeless pop, folk and country infused gems. But Nothing Grows is their final EP following the tragic passing of member Zac Denton last year.

Zac was a prolific and talented writer and these songs show the reach of an artist always growing and grappling with the big, guiding search for meaning. “It’s too cold here in the winter and nothing grows in the summer” goes the opening track. It’s in the space between, restless and questioning, that these songs reside.

“I am lost but I am finding new ground” Zac sings on Birth Place, “I feel the sun on my back in this winter air.” There’s always a balance in his songs: humour in the midst of frustration, and a playfulness that never diminishes the seriousness of his work. Zac is a visual storyteller painting whole scenes, whole seasons, with a few carefully selected phrases. He captures the inner life with equal clarity.

Working together The Ocean Party completed Zac’s arrangements, leaving us with a gift and a legacy that will only continue to grow.

Nothing Grows EP is out now via Spunk.

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