album artwork for Live At Goose Lake by The StoogesThe release of Live At Goose Lake: August 8th, 1970 coincides with the 50th anniversary of this notorious performance by The Stooges.

The story goes that Iggy Pop was given some gnarly drugs just before showtime. When The Stooges hit the stage, Iggy eyeballed a loaded Dave Alexander who didn’t appear to be playing a single note. Scott Asheton claimed someone unplugged Alexander’s amp. Regardless, Iggy sacked Alexander straight after the show.

Essentially a restored soundboard tape – which was found languishing in sound engineer Jim Cassily’s basement following his death – Live At Goose Lake: August 8th, 1970 documents the chaos, dropping listeners in amongst the 20,000-strong, salivating festival crowd. What we hear is the set in its entirety – warts and all, no edits – as The Stooges perform their 1970 masterpiece, Fun House, in full. Iggy incites a riot during T.V. Eye (pointing out a “big ol’ wall” before encouraging punters to “RAM IT!”). Steve Mackay raises the Fun House roof with those wailing, freeform sax solos. When The Stooges run overtime, the plug is pulled.

Given how he remembers The Stooges’ Goose Lake show, Iggy initially voiced his hesitation over this release. But after hearing the tape, Iggy’s manager relayed the Godfather of Punk’s reaction to Ben Blackwell of Third Man Records: “Wow, it’s a lot better than he remembered!” Who doesn’t wanna own a (preferably vinyl) piece of punk history!?

Live At Goose Lake: August 8th, 1970 by The Stooges is out now via Third Man Records.

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