Ignorance is the fifth album from Toronto singer-songwriter Tamara Lindeman’s recording project, The Weather Station. Each record reveals new facets of Tamara’s songwriting, across the spectrum of folk, blues, and balladry.

This new album was built on rhythm, specifically the regular meters of dance and pop, even disco tempos. In the strength and surety of these percussive foundations Tamara found the freedom to fly in her writing. And flight is an apt metaphor. Arrangements sweep and soar as they carry the listener to emotive heights. And Lindeman’s lyrics view the earth from above, taking in the beautiful, vulnerable whole of our planet.

Lindeman reflects on landscapes, cycles, and social systems: the beliefs that unite, and divide. On Parking Lot she pays tribute to avian life everywhere, a poetic love song for birds. In an album statement, Tamara recalls the most emotional experience she had whilst writing this album was reading The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5 ºC. The impact is felt in these songs that echo with urgency, but also a sense of hope, and an endless wonder in nature.

Ignorance by The Weather Station is out Feb 5 via Fat Possum/Inertia.

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