Album cover artwork for Tiny Little HousesPunchy, almost aggressive lyrics define Tiny Little Houses’ second album, delivered through an explosion of shoegaze haze and distorted riffs.

Marked by their signature poignant intensity and unflinching desire to get to the core of the emotional wound, it’s a clearer and more exploratory piece of work than anything we’ve previously seen.

Misericorde is a record that would be as comfortably at home in 1994 as it is in 2021. Lead singer Caleb Karvountzis’ distinct vocals skip and trip over solid, droning guitars and floating drums, a partnership that lends itself to another  beautiful release from the Melbourne quartet.

Misericorde by Tiny Little Houses is out Nov 19 via Ivy League.

Read our interview with Middle Kids’ Hannah Joy about the band’s album of earlier this year, Today We’re The Greatest.

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