Album cover artwork for Tirzah with yellow vinyl record popping outTirzah’s debut album Devotion landed like a revelation in 2019.

The South London artist offered a quietly compelling mix of experimental R’n’B and minimalist hip hop ballads that sounded both strangely familiar, and precisely like nothing else you’d ever heard. They were crafted with her longtime friend and collaborator Mica Levi, and featured other voices from their extended music family.

Colourgrade is an equally stunning and moving collection – and once again, it could be the work of absolutely no one else.

The songs are sparse; each word, sound and texture is freighted with meaning. Tirzah and her collaborators playfully pull apart the building blocks of their tracks, and reconfigure them in fascinating ways.

The record opens with the title track, Tirzah’s filtered vocals floating and echoing like an industrial dub acapella over eerie synth lines. Elsewhere the single Hive Mind offers a captivating call-and-response duet, propelled by insistent drum machine rhythms and arpeggiated melodies. That song is described as a “tribute to community and to family, and all the friction and harmony that comes with it”, and it’s true to say of the whole album.

Colourgrade is a lyrical portrait of gratitude and love from one of music’s most clear-eyed and open-hearted colorists.

Colourgrade by Tirzah is out October 1 via Domino.

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