Album cover artwork for Andro by Tommy LeeA record divided into two sides, Andro represents male and female energy: opener Knock Me Down (feat. Killvein) channels Mama Said Knock You Out spirit; concurrent lead single Tops (feat. Push Push) doesn’t wait for permission with that warped, electronic battlecry dropping like a runaway rollercoaster’s sudden descent.

You Dancy (feat. Lukas Rossi) tilts its beret Prince’s way, with Rossi (Rock Star: Supernova) returning on Lee’s slowed-down, sinister, Stan-like take on The Purple One’s When You Were Mine.

Killvein closes ‘Side Dude’ with the moody, skittish, oh-so-gangsta Leave Me Alone, and then – introducing Andro‘s ‘feminine’ side – Brooke Candy throws down Demon Bitches (“I knock your teeth out/ I f-ck up your guts…”).

Lee dons his beatmaker/talent curator cape for Andro, sharing his superstar spotlight with hand-picked, next-gen musical outlaws.

Andro by Tommy Lee is out October 16, via Better Noise.

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