Tones And I The Kids Are Coming album coverThe monster brass-bash of the opening, title track from Tones and I’s debut EP The Kids Are Coming initially sounds as if she’s going to tell us Grease is the word, but as soon as this astute musician’s beats slap in it’s clear there are absolutely no throwbacks here.

This electrifying song is less a call-to-arms than an assurance of imminent arrival; Toni Watson doesn’t need to marshal anyone, because this tribe is already organically united in their shared beliefs.

Watson displays a Sia-like confidence in the way she hurls, tweaks and growls her lyrics of damnation at the socio-political status quo, but she’s also an accomplished storyteller of the micro: Jimmy is a companion piece to heart-shredding single Johnny Run Away, while the fabulous Dance Monkey and Never Seen The Rain have already burned to the zenith of the ARIA charts.

The hype around Watson surpasses even that which circled Tash Sultana a few years ago, but it is – like that other seasoned busker quickly courted by Sony Music – totally warranted.

The Kids Are Coming EP by Tones and I is out August 30 via Sony.

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