U.S. Girls In A Poem Unlimited Album CoverA striking portrait of U.S. Girls mastermind Meghan Remy graces the cover of In A Poem Unlimited, the project’s eighth album.

Velvet For Sale is a hypnotic introduction, with following track Rage Of Plastics erupting with a startling trumpet. Mad As Hell is the closest the act will ever get to a disco anthem, while Incidental Boogie brings its industrial influences to the fore.

As always, Remy dazzles her audience with an array of dynamic sounds – Pearly Gates incorporates a choir and Latin-inspired guitar samples, while Poem is steered by a dreamy synth. Remy creates an undeniable atmosphere within her music, and its efficacy invites listeners to surrender themselves to the sounds.

In A Poem Unlimited is out now via 4AD/Remote Control.

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