U2 Songs Of ExperienceOn Songs Of Experience U2 daub colour across an ever-unrolling canvas, pausing occasionally to give sections more detail and using The Edge’s signature guitar tone sparingly.

Opener Love Is All We Have Left offers a sweet, whirring bonhomie something like Owl City’s Fireflies with little electronic mumblings bobbing up through the layers, and its dual vocalists – Automaton Bono and Human Bono – eventually come together to sing in unison in a neat, symbolic return to home base. Two cuts in the middle of the tracklist, Red Flag Day and The Showman (Little More Better), reveal the band’s freshest ideas – on the former they reclaim some of that syncopated Sunday Bloody Sunday rhythm and chutzpah, and the latter has a jaunty Bernard Fanning/Beach Boys feel with acoustic guitar and a super cute chorus. It’s these moments that are most successful – when you feel as if, inbetween hollering across the globe, they’ve still got something to say directly into your ear.

Songs Of Experience is out December 1 via Universal.

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