Underworld DRIFT SeriesLaunched last November, the DRIFT project promised “one year inside the minds of Underworld” with new music/videos to be released every Thursday for 52 weeks. Can someone please ensure these lads donate their brains to medical science?

From Appleshine‘s majestic, synthesised brass to the ambient Brilliant Yes That Would Be, which channels mournful whale calls, Underworld innovate wildly. This Must Be Drums evokes Der Dritte Raum, Border Country stirs up bush-doof dust, S T A R is the most banging playground rhyme you’ll ever hear and Karl Hyde’s wordsmithery is a constant delight: “Fierce beauty of the dancehall/ One-time raiser of hell…”

The Sampler Edition guides listeners straight down the guts of this prolific act’s experiment, but you’ll definitely want the box set for Xmas.

DRIFT Series 1: Sampler Edition by Underworld is out November 1 via Caroline.

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