Sex & Food UMOThese Portland-via-Auckland psychedeliacs have always had a stranger bent than the Kevin Parkerites of the current century, but they’re still hung up on the groove.

Sex & Food – carnal pleasures, you get it? – reins in some of the restlessness of previous records, trading it for a slower burn. Single American Guilt tears it up but it’s the quieter Ministry of Alienation, the pastoral folk strum of Chronos Feasts On His Children, and the slinky, almost R’n’B of Not In Love We’re Just High that really stand out. Yeah, the song titles are still bananas, too. This isn’t anything UMO fans won’t recognise, but for the same reasons you’re not gonna get this from anyone else.

Sex & Food is out April 6 via Jagjaguwar/Inertia.

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